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The following is our 10croreclub 2025 Vivid Vision. Creating a Vivid Vision brings the future into the present, so everyone has clarity on what we’re building now. It’s a detailed overview of what 10croreclub will look like, act like, and feel like three years out—by January 29, 2025. Sharing it with others helps it become reality!

Our Members

     The 10croreclub and its sub brands is the only network in the world with a great connected ecosystem, a go-to place for every entrepreneur looking to grow their business. We are the world/s most successful platform to create millionaires, and our success stories are regularly featured in news and media. The quality of our members continues to grow. Three years ago, our founding members were mostly from companies doing annual revenue is 2 crore in revenue and companies with 25-200 employees. Now, our minimum criteria for membership is 10 crore in revenue or capital raised.

     We now have a platinum membership for companies doing more than 100 crore in revenue or capital raised or have more than 250 employees, and we have exclusive events just for them.10croreclub members are active participants with a strong desire to learn a willingness to share, and the vulnerability to never be the smartest person in the room.

What it looks like

     We host Eight Mega meetup events per year, and members select four dates to attend. We conduct hybrid events in online and offline format. Every Online event is attended by 10,000 entrepreneurs across the world. Top CEOs are waiting to be part of and address our high performing companies. We have events happening across India in places like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata and ofcourse Bangalore. All our events happen in exotic Star hotels across india like in Shillong, Goa .

Workshops and Learnings :

 Best practices are documented, and we have published the 10crore Ideas book and it has become a national bestseller. Regular seminars are held from members to educate other members. Book clubs to discuss the most happening topics and strategies

The workshops from the 10croreclub events covers a variety of core topics:


   Culture :

Join us for a day, and you will find people who are having more fun than when they were kids. There is zero micromanagement, everyone understand their jobs and carry out their work exceptionally. We have high levels of trust among each other. We are like one big family, treating each other like that favourite cousin of yours, but even better. We have unlimited capacity to invest on resources. We create and provide services which are first class, excellent and world-class. The Team hangout with each other after work, and they can’t seem to get enough of each other. We have our own stand booked for our employees in IPL. We have our own private cook, who cooks all the delicious meals, anyone wants anything, they can get done. We have our own private jet, which our employees use to bring in new sales and have a workation. The payment is great for the employees and there is no financial stress. In fact it doesn’t even feel like work. We make massive impact on other people’s lives and it feels like a massive party

Office : 

     Hall of fame of champions. When someone walks through it they are getting inspired. they feel inspired by leaders of the past and present members of the 10croreclub. Photos of Guest speakers, photos of our team outings, Newspaper clippings about our work.

Team members :

     Go to place for Top IIM Graduates. Top 10 Sales people are churning out monthly 1 million dollars. Our sales team is well trained and have at least 10 ways to handle one objection. We have the best training system in the world. We now have a full time CFO and COO. We have a separate social media team which churns out amazing videos and content about the growth story of our students.


     Our videos have been watched cumulatively 2 billion times. Every month, at least ten of our content pieces are going viral. We have a team of best 20 content marketers working for us from across India.  We have 5k reviews on Facebook and Google. We are the top referred product in all affiliate networks. We have been recognized for our work by top magazines in India Forbes, India Today and so on. Our Ads appear regularly on major Newspapers such as Times of India, The Hindu. The Government of India  has awarded for the work we have done to impact entrepreneurship and enable job creation  in India.

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Founder feeling

     The long-drawn dream has finally come true. When i started on my journey of entrepreneurship, i was pained at the lack of support ecosystem for startups. We are so happy that we now the go to place for startups not only from India and across the world. We have inspired in the creation of hundreds of startup clubs across the world. When we started it was our vision to eliminate entrepreneurial loneliness and poverty , today i am proud to say we have successfully demonstrated that with our member success stories. The mission is big and long, we have a long way to go… What we do every day is changing people’s fortunes. The way startups think has changed permanently. We have reduced the failure rate due to the power of mastermind, the real time-sharing has taken shape. We are so happy to contribute to the growth story of India post pandemic.