The Club for Successful
Founders and CEOs

We get it. Business is tough. But it doesn’t have to be. You can turn your situation around by joining a group of like-minded business people who are all trying to make their way up the same mountain. Our Business Mastermind group can help you make it to the top!

This is a mastermind community where entrepreneurs come together to discuss their problems and solutions towards their common goal of earning 10 crore rupees. While at the design of the concept was perfect, it was not easy for me (Kashyap Karnala) and Sovan Panda to roll it. We faced several challenges in the process to make this community take shape.


But let us understand how all of this started. In April 2018, I (re) started my journey of entrepreneurship by doing interviews with startup founders. I was passionate about mentoring for startups because i strongly believed that when startups are given the right guidance at the right time, miracles can happen. This is what i always needed in my first efforts at entrepreneurship. I was working on a hardware SOS product for the elderly, and it drained me emotionally, financially and i had to stop it. By this time, I had joined other networking organization, Startups communities and international entrepreneurship networking. A lot of them promised a lot, but didn’t provide me the comprehensive solutions that i or my startup needed. So i started on this mission to make sure, that no one else needs to go through the painful journey of a lot of hard work but little or no results. In the process of doing interview,


In addition to powerful members and advisers, the founders of 10croreclub are no slouches, either. Joining me in facilitating the meetings are my business partners Roland Frasier and Perry Belcher, along with the President of, Richard Lindner.

Feature Points


Get top quality advice to grow your business from other similar business owners. Your fellow entrepreneurs will give you business advice on a week to week basis. You will have the chance to network with other similar business owners in order to share ideas, learn new things and keep you motivated You will get to hear about people’s success stories and how they started their businesses.


OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) are one of the most popular management tools used by companies today. In fact, if you are an organization where there are no OKRs, chances are you’re  a company that is either not a huge business or has not been around for a while. Set and achieve goals like Google, Spotify, Intel and thousands of top companies across the world, to 10X the business.  You will have a proven and predictable success metric to drive your business forward.


Meet new people with similar interests, and to learn about opportunities for collaboration.
Get to connect with top quality entrepreneurs and investors which means you are just one referral away from a big massive business growth. We organize several mentoring, networking events to help you grow your network. We have a wide range of industry leaders who have been through the process of building their companies from scratch.  Our events are very interactive and you will learn from the best.

Learning Sessions

Upgrade your entrepreneurial skill by learning from top mentors, Subject matter Experts and Industry Leaders. You can learn the latest hacks and tricks from the mentors to take your game to the next level. The trainings are designed  to help you face challenges of ever changing market. The trainings are interactive and cover a wide range of topics such as Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization,  Business Strategy, Customer Service and Sales, Operational excellence and so on.


The size of the business and kind doesn’t matter for Mastermind. If you are an entrepreneur and wish to build a successful business, then Mastermind is the best platform for you.  Here we have gathered the best entrepreneurs from across India, across business niches for you to network, learn and grow your business. 

You can meet people who are successful in their own business, who have been through the same pains and struggles that you have gone through, who know what it takes to build a business and how to get there.

Our industry specific mastermind groups are referred to as niche masterminds. The entry is free,  membership is restricted for people who are already running a business in these niches. This is not for the people who intend to start something soon in those niches. Entrepreneurs talk about the latest challenges, best practices, share resources and so on. We conduct regular mentoring sessions with top entrepreneurs who have built successful business in that industry so that others can follow in their footsteps.

There are a number of ways you can grow your network at 10croreclub. First : Creating valuable content posts in the community is the fastest way to connect with people in the community. Adding value by commenting, sharing feedback on others posts and giving referrals does help too.  Second : Attend events, We conduct Mentoring sessions and virtual summits, here is where you can connect with fellow entrepreneurs. Third : If you choose to become a member, we connect you to top entrepreneurs across India our members index.

Yes, our platform offers an exclusive membership at the #millionaireadvisoryboard community. As the first and only Mastermind platform of its kind in India, our membership is designed to provide entrepreneurs and founders with a unique space for collaboration and growth. To join, individuals typically receive invitations based on their entrepreneurial achievements and potential. The community is mentored by successful founders from our premium 1.5 Billion dollar network.

Membership benefits include participation in growth-stage founder meetings where ideas are exchanged, Mentoring by millionaire founders, Top quality trainings, access to worldclass tools , to take businesses to the next level. As we operate on an invite-only basis, we carefully select participants to ensure a high-quality networking and learning experience. Unfortunately, due to the exclusivity of our community, we have to decline a number of applications to maintain the integrity of our meetings.

 While BNI can offer valuable networking opportunities, it may have limitations when it comes to providing in-depth business guidance and mentorship. In a mastermind group, you have the opportunity to receive quality guidance and advice from mentors and peers who have experience and expertise in various areas of business. This personalized support and mentorship can be a crucial factor in learning and growing your business. Unlike BNI, a mastermind group can provide a more focused and individualized approach to helping you overcome challenges and achieve your business goals.