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The fastest way to earn 10crores is to help others earn 10crores

This is a mastermind community where entrepreneurs come together to discuss their problems and solutions towards their common goal of earning 10 crore rupees. While at the design of the concept was perfect, it was not easy for me (Kashyap Karnala) and Sovan Panda to roll it. We faced several challenges in the process to make this community take shape.

I will come to this soon


But let us understand how all of this started. In April 2018, I (re) started my journey of entrepreneurship by doing interviews with startup founders. I was passionate about mentoring for startups because i strongly believed that when startups are given the right guidance at the right time, miracles can happen. This is what i always needed in my first efforts at entrepreneurship. I was working on a hardware SOS product for the elderly, and it drained me emotionally, financially and i had to stop it. By this time, I had joined other networking organization, Startups communities and international entrepreneurship networking. A lot of them promised a lot, but didn’t provide me the comprehensive solutions that i or my startup needed. So i started on this mission to make sure, that no one else needs to go through the painful journey of a lot of hard work but little or no results. In the process of doing interview,

"Giving entrepreneurs the right platform and network to excel at their business & making them efficient in their field."

I realized the need to have a platform where entrepreneurs can seek help with quality mentors and that’s where we conceptualized in December 2018. The expectation was that people will line up to sign-up with mentors like it happens in the western markets. But India was different. We were getting enquiries on the website, but closures were rare. The patient needed the medicine, wanted to consume as well, but somehow he was not actually consuming it. We needed to figure out a solution. This was in February 2019, when we launched our funding platform Lionslair. We connected with our investors, brought in top firms as joint venture partners like Naturals (salon and Spa), Stayfit, Kairos investments among others. We now had traction and people signing up to connect with investors and signing up with mentoring services as well.




One evening when we were done interviewing startups for investment, we discussed the need for startups to have community of entrepreneurs supporting each other and be accountable for each other’s progress. I discussed with Sovan how a mastermind community I was part of helped me to multiply my productivity and had brought me to here from almost zero. So here is th



So we formed the 10croreclub the same weekend. This would be a community of entrepreneurs who had all the same goal of achieving 10crore in the shortest period of 1 years, 2 years or 3 years. They would meet once a week, to brainstorm ideas, discuss challenges and hold each other accountable for progress. Every mastermind meeting would follow this simple format. The meeting would last for 14 minutes and this is how these 14 minutes are used :1. First 4 minutes, the entrepreneur talks about his week that has been. What has he done, not done. 2. Second, 5 Minutes : The entrepreneur talks about challenges he is facing to getting to his/her goals. 3. The final 5 minutes : The group brainstorms solutions to help the entrepreneur tide through his challenges.

But there were problems,  

  1. The problem of tracking progress week on, week on. After extensive research we discovered OKR (objectives and key results) is an excellent system to set, track and achieve our goals. That’s when we started developing our platform Objectivedone. The development took longer than expected and that’s when we created our Daily and habit tracker booklet.>
  2. The problem of location : Each weekend the cost would be up to 10000 INR. We only had one member, how can we manage to do this regularly? That’s when we started to look for coworking spaces who would like to host us on a win-win proposition. That we would bring in people, and they would get to sell their space. We got quite a few options now. And we got lucky! We get a call from WeWork Mumbai, that they appreciate the community work we were doing (remember we were publishing regularly on social media) and would like to host us in Mumbai and Bangalore on a trial basis. Wow! That’s how were able to bring entrepreneurs to a quality setting, and we took off. We would conduct meetings every weekend and there would be on mega mastermind with a top achiever. We brought, vishal Malkhan of Malkans view, Ganesh Reddy of Stayfit , Sampad Swain of Instamojo among many others to inspire our entrepreneurs on their journey of 10crore or more.
  1. The Objectivedone Problem : The project was getting bigger and bigger and therefore time to make the platform ready. By December 2019, we already had started our trials of taking our mastermind online. The Daily tracker we had handed our members was not helping much in helping them track and come back week on week. We need the platform as soon as possible. The chicken and egg problem, the whole 10croreclub was not complete without this OKR tracking mechanism.
  2. The lockdown : We had invited the founder of Instamojo to address our entrepreneurs on March 6 and on March 12 ,We had just been awarded for business excellence by Indian Achievers’ forum in New Delhi. Then the whole nation came to a stand still. We had to a sudden stop in everything we were doing.
  1. Taking the game online : We tried multiple ways to engage our members online, but it would not be the same.
  2. The beta version of Objectivedone : That’s the first glimmer of hope we received, by August 2020. We had our beta version out, and we had a semblance of the good old masterminds coming back
What people say about 10 crore club?
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Ajit Grandhi

People will brainstorm on your problems to find a solution. What else do you need?

Rajat Pathak

It is a great way to connect with people.

Abhinav Jain

The right place for quality interactions and networking for your business ?

Dharmendra Kumar

I am very excited and looking forward to be in group of Rs. 10crore earning every year.
It’s very grateful to be part of these achievers who already crossed this and many are on the way.

Every one should be part of this club who want to earn crores

Shruti Chaudhary

Thank you so much for the wonderful session by Sampad, Founder Instamojo. It was great learning from him. His sharing will stay with me for life. All the best to 10 Crore Club and look forward to more meetups. You guys are doing amazing work.


In addition to powerful members and advisers, the founders of 10croreclub are no slouches, either. Joining me in facilitating the meetings are my business partners Roland Frasier and Perry Belcher, along with the President of, Richard Lindner.

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You can get top quality advice to grow your business from other similar business owners … you will get top quality actioanable advice and tips from other entrepreneurs so that you can fastrack your goal achievement.